Double Bass

Mike Kirwin

Mike Kirwin is a New Orleans based singer-songwriter, guitar and bass player. Mike moved to New Orleans in January 1997 from Detroit, MI and spent a few years playing solo shows, writing songs and attending as many "picking-parties" as possible including 2 that he co-founded, The Kerry Hootenanny (1997-2000) and The Liuzza's by the Track Thursday night session (1998-2003).
It was at the Liuzza's session that Mike met his wife Sinead Rudden, long-time former band mates Jeff and Vida and current band mates Rob Schafer, Pat Flory and Gina Forsyth. In 2002 Mike released a solo CD titled ROWBOAT. Songs from that CD have been recorded by London based electronica artist Pete Lazonby and Brooklyn, NY based Strung Out String Band and are still requested at Sweet Olive shows.

In addition to his work as a songwriter Mike has played bass professionally with Jeff and Vida, Johnny Sansone, The Louisiana Hellbenders, The King Brisket Boys, The Geraniums, The By and By String Band, Kenny Holiday, Ingrid Lucia and others. As a bass player Mike has toured the US, Ireland and England extensively with multiple Jazz Fest appearances. In The Sweet Olive String Band, Mike writes, arranges, sings and plays guitar. Mike also plays shows with his wife, songwriter Sinead Rudden and works on occasion with The St. Claude Serenaders.